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ISA – ALTANOVA GROUP provides advanced portable testing equipment for high and medium voltage electrical assets in the field of power generation, transmission and distribution, OEM’s, process industries, marine and transportation.
Altanova STS 5000DRTS Protective Relay TestingAltanova CBA 3000

ISA devices are suitable for testing and diagnosis, condition-based maintenance (CBM), predictive maintenance and commissioning services for all types of high and medium voltage electrical equipment, including power transformers, current and voltage transformers, protective relays, circuit breakers, rotating machines, GIS, surge arresters, ground grids, batteries, meters and transducers.

ISA testing equipment are designed to perform the most common electrical tests, such as:

  • Transformer: ratio, tan delta (power factor), polarity, excitation curve, winding resistance, burden secondary side, voltage withstand, Rogowski coil…
  • Circuit breaker: open/close time, pole discordance, coil current, motor current, first trip, static and dynamic contact resistance, motion analysis, SF6 pressure…
  • Transmission and distribution protective relay, smart grid relay, single-phase, three-phase and multi-phase relay, energy meters, transducers, power quality meters
  • Rotating machines: motors and generators common tests
  • Ground grid: soil resistivity, ground grid resistance, step and touch tests and overhead lines zero sequence and mutual coupling coefficients
  • Battery tests

ISA testing equipment are designed and produced according to the most widely adopted international standards. The test sets are manufactured according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 AND UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015.

Established in 1938, ISA is an Italian company that exports its products worldwide in more than 100 countries, through its fully-owned subsidiaries as well as international network of partners. Today ISA is proudly part of ALTANOVA GROUP, which includes also the Techimp and IntelliSAW brands, that provide condition monitoring systems and services for high and medium voltage assets, like cables, GIS, transformers, switchgears, motors and generators.

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