Site services

PLP provides a comprehensive offer of site services solutions, tailored to the size and complexity of the specific project, to support our Customers in the site operation until the full project completion. Using the expertise developed over decades by our professionals, PLP executes all main site services in the field of energy plants construction. Our supervisors provide a complete site management service in the specific discipline of competence.

Moreover PLP has teams trained and ready to take on daily operations of facilities, including facility management planning and control, to deliver safe, reliable and predictable output.

Installation and Commissioning Supervision

PLP Installation & Commissioning supervisors grant with their experience and competences a solid plant installation and commissioning coordination to ensure a timely and cost effective site process.

Partial Discharge Services on HV Cables

PLP is specialized in conducting partial discharge measurement on HV cables terminations, for new and existing systems, utilizing certified PD test engineers by first class public utilities worldwide.

HSE Services

PLP provides skilled and certified HSE supervisors to grant all HSE targets will be met by our Customer and ensure a safe operation during site activities. In addition to best practice sharing, another method PLP uses to continuously improve and prevent incidents is the tracking of leading indicators. A leading indicator is a measurable activity or observation that can help detect and correct problems before an incident takes place. PLP tracking and managing leading indicators is a critical part of continuous improvement initiatives we propose to our Customers.

Outage Plans

Our in-depth expertise in outage management minimizes shutdown time and costs without compromising on safety and quality while often improving asset performance by concurrently executing modification scopes.

We work closely with clients to develop a progressive series of implementation plans, beginning well in advance of the turnaround start date and concluding with post-project performance reviews.

We optimize outage plans to ensure timely delivery within budget and leverage installation outages for better asset-related business planning.

Installation & Commissioning Tools Rental

With a strong variety of equipment available, PLP support Customers renting installation and commissioning tools, specifically in countries where there is a lack of specific equipment availability. PLP ensures management and provision of all equipment, tools and services at construction sites to help capital construction projects increase productivity, reduce costs and duplication, standardize equipment and tools and finish on time and under budget.

Maintenance Plans

PLP provides a comprehensive maintenance service portfolio across most industry sectors. Our services can be provided on a standalone basis or as integrated solutions.

Maintenance is an essential part of all phases of the asset life cycle. We analyze each client’s maintenance approach at a strategic level to optimize the maintenance program for the type of production.

Customized maintenance and inspection programs reduce operational costs, maximize uptime and optimize efficiency. PLP services are often delivered using innovative access systems, which provide safer and more cost-effective alternatives to traditional access methods.

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